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Summary: (.pdf, 682 Kb., 47 p.) Col. Studies on the Spanish economy – 2016/02. There is a great concern about the sustainability of social security systems due to the aging of the population in developed countries , And Spain is not an exception. Spain has one of the lowest fertility rates in Europe (below 1.4, according to Eurostat, 2013), at the same time than one of the highest born life expectants, 82.5 years in 2012, which contrasts with an average of the EU-28 of 79.2 (OECD, 2014). In a similar line, life expectancy at 65 has been improving over time: from 13.1 additional years in 1960 to 18.7 in 2012 (García-Gómez et al 2012 and OECD, 2014). In parallel to the increase in life expectancy, a reduction in the participation of elderly workers was observed, which only partially reversed between 1995 and 2007, to return to abnormally low values ​​in the recent economic crisis. (Abstract)

Summary: (.pdf, 28.58 MB., 367 p.) Papers of the Foundation No. 39. Full text. Summary: Savings function in the Spanish economy Spain A country of sailors? Family savings in the euro zone Real estate and financial heritage of households The protection of family savings Taxation and family savings Financial education and family savings Volatility in financial markets and family investment decisions Financial products and investor profile deposit banking products In family savings. A new initiative to protect holders from bank deposit in the EU direct investment in fixed income securities by Spanish families direct investment on shares by Spanish families investment in funds as a destination of families savings Spanish insurance products as a destination of family financial savings pension funds such as family financial assets the distribution of financial products and services in Spain and the relevance of the web environment 2.0 Financial innovation and family savings Annex: Graphics

SPAIN. Company and Society Foundation | Madrid Woman’s Week: The woman, key to deal with the crisis.

Summary: (.pdf, 250 Kb., 13 p.) The study analyzes the values ​​and key attitudes to face the future and to what extent they can be considered male or feminine. Likewise, he studies the priorities of citizens at this time and proposes a series of lines of action in the fields of action in the field of the Foundation.