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Garvey was finally processed by fraud and the movement did not get caught, but he had taken the first step towards the formation of black nationalism, whose development will take place in the sixties. The nationalist and conservative climate favored by the time of war was immediately embodied in politics. In the 1920 presidential elections, the Democrat Cox, continuing to the Wilson’s approaches, and the Republican Warren G. Harding. The latter was clearly victorious with a program in which to the call to heroism and the ideal of Wilson opposed health, serenity, balance and the “sustainability of a triumphant nationalism”, all which was summarized in the phrase: ” America first. “Harding was presented as a normal man with normal desires and this was the dominant moral tone in the country during the twenty decade (Murrin et al., 1999, 800), which was characterized from the point

of an economic view, by prosperity and, in politician, by the mastery of republicanism. Harding happened Calvin Coolidge and this, Herbert Hoover, all of them dark men, but adjusted, in their way of being and thought, the average model of American, deeply nationalist, conservative and Protestant. The three were honored people and adjusted perfectly to the model of the average American. They ruled in accordance with the principle of reducing the action of the State and favoring the private initiative and, therefore, granted preference to business interests and did not hesitate to repress the movements of labor protest and to place the expansion of trade unionism, seriously hampered For the rest, from 1921 by the diverse judgments of the Supreme Court that gradually hampered freedom of association. The presidency of Coolidge (1924-1928) was the time of the “business boom and the cult of prosperity” (Ma Jones, 1995, 407 and SS.): The companies obtained unprecedented benefits, the unemployment descended and the level rose way of life. Based 100 in 1913, the index of industrial production went from 73 in 1922 to 126 in 1928; The gross national product grew from 72,400 million dollars in 1919 to 104,000 in 1929; The per capita income amounted to $ 875 in the last year (in 1919 was 710) and similarly the remaining macroeconomic rates were behaved. Prosperity was noted in a particular way in the industrial sector.