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In addition, it is alleged that Pucillo shared the earnings of the loans of exorbitant interests with the Genovese, Alberti and Tumzo command chain.

Victims were required to pay weekly interest. The trick was designated so that when the victims made loan payments it seems that they were charging checks in the ordinary course of the collection of Pucillo Checks. When they took the loans, the victims were required to sign partially filling checks, which Pucillo and the co-confection could complete and charge them in their business to collect checks to collect the weekly interest or payments to the principal. The victims could also pay in cash.

The defendant Flor Miranda, 40, from Newark, worked as an Office Administrator of the Pucillo Checks Collection Operation. It is alleged that she collected loan payments from exorbitant interest and helped Pucillo maintain the extensive files of exorbitant interest loans and money laundering operation from the check-up business.

Vincent P. Coppola, 37, Union, NJ, son of the incarcerated Genovese Capo Michael Coppola, is alleged was part of the Genovese Partners Network that handled a multi-million illegal game bets in New Jersey who used a OFF-Shore “Cable room” in Costa Rica to process bets. Coppola is alleged was an “agent” that administered several sub agents or package holders, each of which had a “package” of bettors under it. It is alleged that he supervised the sub-agents John W. Trainor, 42, by Brick, N.J., and Jerry J. Albanese, 47, by Scotch Plains. The agents decided that bettors could open accounts and play using the website and the free number of the company. These also dictated how the bettor could bet on play and a week, and supervise the action and balances of the packages. Finally, Coppola is alleged to give Trainor and Albanese more voltage control in your packages. It is sealed that Coppola had 4 packages under it, including those of Trainor and Albanese. In a year, only in 2011, it is alleged that the coppola packets handled more than $ 1.7 million in betting, and Coppola, Trainor, Albanese, the organized crime family Genovese – through Alberti and Tuzzo – made more than $ 400,000 in Profits.

In addition to the Tri-State Check Cashing and its other licensed business checks, Pucillo is alleged funded an illegal operation with Genovese Abel J partners and crowds.