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Although Germany rejected the text and at some point he thought about restarting military operations, finally yielded (again Wilson’s firmness was decisive) and on June 28 he was signed at the Hall of the Mirrors of the Palace of Versailles the Treaty by which The situation of Germany was regulated. It is the fundamental text emanated from the Peace Conference and on which the international relations of the following years were in fact founded, although in turn it was a source of serious problems. All the clauses of the Treaty were negative for Germany, first of all because it was considered solely responsible for the war, as declared Article 231: “Germany recognizes that he is responsible, for having caused them, of all the damages suffered by the

Allied and Associated Governments and by their nationals, as a result of the war that was imposed by their aggression. “For this reason he was forced to pay” repairs “of war (and not simple” compensation “, with which he usually punished to the vanquished), whose upright would be set before May 1921. As an advance of the repairs, it was immediately delivered 20,000 million gold frames and yield to the victors of their merchant ships, grant them in commercial exchanges the nation treatment more favored, recognize the internationalization of their fluvial pathways and open the KIEL channel to navigation. In the territorial order, Germany lost almost the seventh part of the II Reich territory and about six and a half million population, approximately 10% of the Total (Alsace and Lorena went to France, the cantons of Eupen and Malmévy to Belgium, Schleswig to Denmark, Posnania and East Prussia to Poland), and the ports of Danzig and Memel remained Under control of the SDN, as well as Saar (the exploitation of its Hulla mines was assigned to France in compensation for the losses of war). The situation of senior Silesia would be regulated by a plebiscite (took place in 1921 and defeated the supporters of the Union with Germany) and the totality of the German colonies was entrusted by the SDN to the winning powers, in the form of “mandates” . France pretended to obtain broad guarantees in the Rhin area and, although he did not get his purpose, he achieved the demilitarization of a 50-kilometer strip in the right bank and his occupation by the troops interalled for 15 years.